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World Instruments, Drum Building Supplies, Climbing Rope,

Complete Machine Design & Mobile Recording

Welcome to

Olde World

Previously Naked Drummer

Please remember the new name Olde World

Thank you!


*New temporary phone number currently trying a different company.  Sorry for any inconvenience (248) 797-6214*


Also a new dedicated site for

Faster Rope Only orders www.drumrope.com



Limited Stock Available

50% OFF 12 Strand Braid

40% OFF Regatta

30% OFF Brite-Lite

30% OFF Accessory Cord


You May Have Visited My Festival Booths:

Naked Drummer, Castle Décor, Knightly Musik & Knights Armory


Click on photos and underlined text  throughout

 this site to view enlarged photo.


I sell high quality rope at excellent prices.

Business Hours:  Monday thru Friday
Contact me (Baroque) for more information.

Telephone: (248) 797-6214 BEST way to contact me during business hours.

Postal address: 786 Graves Delozier Rd., Seymour, TN 37865

Electronic mail: oldeworlds@yahoo.com (Worst way, sometimes several weeks)


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Last modified: May 03, 2006