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Drum Related Accessories

CL-249 $25.00

Cleat for pulling rope.

CL-261 $25.00

Newer version but a little more aggressive.

Drum Bag

Doumbeck sizes are $95.00

Full skin w/hair $17ea,$13ea for 30 or more

Guinea and/or Ivory Coast


Unshaven Goat skins from Guinea and Ivory Coast West Africa are not an exact size but are around 25" X 35" and in various thickness'.  Ivory Coast are on average thicker than Guinea.  Remember skins are natural and are not manufactured in an industrial factory.  However, if there is a natural flaw detected before altercation that could adversely affect its performance, I will be happy to replace it at no charge.


1 to 29

30 or More

Price Each


$13 ea


Shea Butter

Used anywhere on your body & on drums to keep them from drying and splitting.

Hand made in Guinea and/or Ghana, this Shea butter is made from the nut of the Butyrospermum Parkii tree and is imported in large gourds or wrapped with the leafs and bark from the tree.  There is nothing added and is all natural.  I re-melt the Shea butter at a low temperature and pour it into the 3oz containers.  Larger quantities may be shipped partially or entirely in its' original wrapping.

Sold by weight: $3.00/3oz, $35.00/5lb or $6/lb for 10lbs or more.


More Accessories


Description Part # Retail $
Bag, doumbeck, 15"x8" 308DK $95
Bag, doumbeck 310DK $96
Bag, djembe 310DJ $95
Bag, djembe, 25"x16" 316DJ $109
Bag, djembe, Guinea  & I.C. - $35
Book, banjo chords 93267 $10
Book, bodrahn tuttor LBTB $30
Book, dulcimer,  hammer, first lessons with CD LDFL $20
Book, dulcimer,  mountain, Fun with the dulcimer 93310 $10
Book, dulcimer,  mountain, Music book for beginners ACB10 $10
Book, guitar, Deluxe guitar cord encyclopedia, Mel Bay 93283 $20
Book, harp, Mel Bay LHPR $20
Book, mandolin, complete methode, Mel Bay 93221 $20
Book, mandolin, cords, Mel Bay 93257 $10
Book, recorder, Fun with the recorder, Mel Bay 93290 $10
Book, saz, baglama SAZK $12
Book, sitar LIST $17
Book, violin, Fun with the violin, Mel Bay 93276 $10
Book, violin, Primer for beginning instruction, Mel Bay 93408 $10
Bow, violin 4/4, other sizes offered IM60144 $30
Bridge, violin 5400 $10
Capo, Kyser, black KG6 $28
Case, banjo/bouzouki, deluxe hardshell 5066 $110
Case, dulcimer, hammer DHAC $90
Case, dulcimer, mountain DMHC $45
Case, dulcimer, mountain, Apple Creek AC50 $40
Case, harp, Baby HPBC $50
Case, harp, Pixie HPNC $75
Case, harp, Heather HTNC $85
Case, mandolin, deluxe hardshell, A style 5046 $90
Case, psaltery PSAC $45
Case, Strum Stick, Grand - $25
Cleat, CL-222 CL222 $10
Cleat, CL-249 CL249 $25
Cleat, CL-261 CL261 $25
Cow skin, Guinea COWG $120
Doumbeck head, Alexandria, blue MAAH $15
Doumbeck head, Copper MFF3 $15
Goat skin, Guinea GOATG $20
Goat skin, Ivory Coast GOATIC $17
Hammers, dulcimer, hard DHAH $15
Mizrab (specify size) each MIZB $1
Pick, 0.60, Dunlop, 3pk 44R.60 $1
Pick, 0.73, Dunlop, 3pk 44R.73 $1
Pick, 0.88, Dunlop, 3pk 44R.88 $1
Pick, 1.0, Dunlop, 3pk 44R1.0 $1
Pick, banjo, finger, steel NP1 $3
Pick, banjo, thumb, large, tortise NP8T $2
Pick, banjo, thumb, mediumll, tortise NP7T $2
Pickup, tuner CM100 $25
Pins, bridge, 4pk BPW $1
Reed, practice chanter BACQ $5
Rosin, violin, Sherman's SVR $6
Shea Butter, 3oz SB $3
Shoulder rest, Kun No. 300 K300 $60
Stand, dulcimer, hammer DHST $250
Stand, guitar, low profile, black 2760 $25
Strap, guitar, black, nylon RGBK $7
String winder, import IM100 $2
Strings, individual, 0.009, plain steel PL009 $2
Strings, individual, 0.010, plain steel PL010 $2
Strings, individual, 0.011, plain steel PL011 $2
Strings, individual, 0.012, plain steel PL012 $2
Strings, individual, 0.013, plain steel PL013 $2
Strings, individual, 0.016, plain steel PL016 $2
Strings, individual, 0.017, plain steel PL017 $2
Strings, individual, 0.024, phos bronze PB024 $4
Strings, individual, 0.026, phos bronze PB026 $4
Strings, individual, 0.032, phos bronze PB032 $5
Strings, individual, 0.035, phos bronze PB035 $5
Strings, individual, violin A, Super Sensitive SS212 $12
Strings, individual, violin E, Super Sensitive SS211 $5
Strings, set, acoustic, phos bronze, light, D'Addario EJ16 $9
Strings, set, acoustic, bronze, light, Martin, 12 string M190 $15
Strings, set, acoustic, phos bronze, medium, D'Addario EJ17 $9
Strings, set, acoustic, classical, Pro-Arte clr/silv, norm EJ45 $18
Strings, set, banjo, D'Addario, nickel, 10-23 med. J61 $8
Strings, set, bouzouki, D'Addario, Greek J97 $9
Strings, set, bouzouki, D'Addario, Irish J81 $10
Strings, set, dulcimer, DAD 4 strings, D'Addario, nickle J64 $5
Strings, set, electric, light, D'Addario EXL110 $9
Strings, set, electric, super light, D'Addario EXL120 $9
Strings, set, laouta, D'Addario - $11
Strings, set, mandolin,  D'Addario, phos bronze J74 $12
Strings, set, mandolin, octave, D'Addario, phos bronze J80 $12
Strings, set, oud, D'Addario, clr/silver J95 $20
Strings, set, saz, baglama SAZS $15
Strings, set, sitar (clear bag, no name) STST $20
Strings, set, ukulele soprano   $6
Strings, set, ukulele baritone J68 $9
Strings, set, viola, D'Addario, Prelude, med J910 MM $50
Strings, set, violin, Red Label SS210 $40
Strings, set, violin, D'Addario, Fiddler J90 $40
Strings, set, violin, D'Addario, Pro-Artre, 4/4, med J56 $50
Strings, set, violin, D'Addario, Prelude, 4/4, med J810 4/4M $30
Strings, set, violin, Red Label, Old Fiddler Line SS240 $40
Strings, set, violin, Tempo T719 $7
Tipper, knob, 7" BSKS $6
Tipper, knob, 8" BSKM $6
Tipper, knob, 9" BSKB $6
Tipper, knob, 9", center groove BSGB $8
Tipper, knob, 9", center ridge BSRB $8
Tipper, slim BSSB $5
Tuner, chromatic CA30 $32